1. Field of application 
The general sale conditions described below manage the contractual relations between all users of the site  (hereinafter called  « You ») and the  commercial brand web-shops.be belonging to the company SNC GO World, with the headquarters situated at  1030 Brussels, Avenue des Glycines 40,  VAT number BE 0807523416. Before visiting our site, it is important for you to read the present General Sale Conditions which have to be validated. They may be changed at any time, but you will always find the most recent version here.  The acceptance of the General Sale Conditions creates a legal agreement between you and web-shops.be starting with that moment, you promise to use this service according to the stipulations of the present Conditions. Your use of the site is entirely conditioned by your understanding of the General Sale Conditions. 

2. Use of services
You have to create an account or register in order to benefit from the services provided on the site. In order to do it, you must supply your name and e-mail address when you place your order. You pledge yourself to supply us true and accurate information about yourself.  You must make sure that the images uploaded on line observe the laws in vigour, more precisely the penal dispositions about pornography, violence,  child molesting and the laws of intellectual property and copy right.  Tshirt-Planet.com has the right to denounce any infringement of the  penal legislation..web-shops.be reserves its right to not upload on line images or texts which, even if not falling within the range of legal interdictions, have a violent, racist, pornographic or paedophilic character. web-shops.be may also refuse to perform printings starting from this type of images (texts). You accept to indemnify  web-shops.be against all prejudice (including indemnities that it may have to pay to third parties or costs and honoraries it may have to pay in order to assure its defence) to which it could  be subjected, resulting from the publication of the site of images (or tests) communicated by you, against any violation of General Sale Conditions and any illegal activity exercised starting from your account, for all negligence from your part. All promotions, games and contests present on web-shops.be are subjected to the conditions elaborated by  web-shops.be and will be available the moment when the action is published.  

3. How to place an order For further information, click here 

4. Confidentiality of data

Your personal data are used in view of receiving from us the products you ordered, of being contacted in case of problems related to your order and of getting informed about the offers and services of  web-shops.be. The information that you communicate us are indispensable for the processing and sending of orders, and for the issue of invoices.  web-shops.be is authorised to collect, process and use the information related to you. Their absence leads to the cancellation of your order. If you place you order on  web-shops.be, you pledge yourselves to supply us true and accurate information about yourselves. The communication of false information is contrary to the present General Conditions of Use. You have the permanent right to modify all the data regarding your person, according to the European documents and  national laws in vigour. You may, at any moment, inquire web-shops.be to find out  which is the information we have about you. You may, at any time, at request, change these data. web-shops.be is the sole detainer of the information about you. It is only  web-shops.be and its contracting partners that may send you the information within precise and punctual promotional actions. These partners are specially selected by  web-shops.be and are recognised for the quality of their products and services. You may at any time  unsubscribe from  the  web-shops.be newsletter by clicking on the links provided for this purpose in the e-mails you receive, or by clicking on the unsubscribe button.  

5. Intellectual property (copy right) 
The ensemble of the content of the  web-shops.be site (texts, images, illustrations, informatics code) constitutes the property of web-shops.be. All partial or total reproduction  of the content by any procedure and on any support is forbidden without a written authorisation of web-shops.be. The images transmitted during one of your orders remain in your property. You declare to detain, according to the legal dispositions in vigour, all rights of intellectual property and copy rights for the images you transmit to  web-shops.be through the modalities stipulated in the present Conditions of Use. All information, contents,  dossiers, software and materials offered by our services are protected by the Belgian and international law  related to intellectual property and copyright.

6. Liability 
You agree, in the capacity of site user, to connect to and use the services provided by us on your own risk. The liability of  web-shops.be shall not be sought related to direct or indirect damages (financial losses, losses of profits, losses of change) inflicted to you or a third party for any reason possible resulting from your connection to the site, the impossibility to access or connect to the site, or the non-operation or operation of the site.  This refers in particular to the damage that may occur from inaccurate contents, errors, slowness or interruption of transmission, loss, disappearance or alteration of data, virus of any origin, intrusion of third parties, and more generally from the use of the site or the impossibility to use it. web-shops.be guarantees to do all in its power to assure the availability of the  web-shops.be service and operation. For technical reasons, a momentous interruption of services is however possible. web-shops.be shall take measures to best inform  its customers about the nature and duration of possible interruption, but it does not assume however any liability in case of unavailability of its services. Furthermore, web-shops.be cannot guarantee the reliability and the quality of the Internet network beyond its walls.  web-shops.be disposes of a high-performance infrastructure of data saving (personal information, images texts…). It should allow, even in the case of serious breakdown, the recovery of the all the data received. However, web-shops.be does not assume any liability in the case of data loss, and you have to keep all the time a copy of your files. The processed images are erased from the web-shops.be server 5 days after the order at the latest. In case of loss or damage of the data supports, the liability of web-shops.be is limited to the replacement of the support by a virgin product of equivalent quality. You are the only person liable for the communication and uploading of data performed by you onto the site. The mention of links to another sites is  made for you comfort. web-shops.be shall not become the guarantor for the content of these sites, in any way, and assumes no responsibility if you have claims to formulate against these sites.  

7. Prices

 The sale prices indicated on this site are in  Euros with all taxes or VAT included (TTC).In order to access to the  shipping costs, click here. We reserve the right to change our prices at any moment, but we promise to apply the prices in vigour  indicated on the site at the moment of your order.  

8. Delivery

Delivery is free of charge starting from  purchases of  75 € and more. Your products will be delivered to the address you indicated when you placed your order. The delivery time varies depending on the delivery method chosen.  The orders are sent in maximum  4 to 5 working days. The payment is made on line. No payment is made at the delivery point. An e-mail will keep you informed about the status of your order.  In the case of a delivery delay of more than 10 days, which is not due to a case of force majeure, you have the possibility to cancel your order by e-mail. In this respect, we promise to reimburse you the transferred amounts within  30 days. At the receipt of your parcel, you are advised to verify the conformity of the products and  notify us accordingly if need be. If the products must be resent to us, this must happen within the seven working days after delivery to the following address: GO World VOF, Avenue des Glycines 40, 1030 Brussels, Belgium. The transport costs are in our charge.   

9. Right of retraction of the customized objects  
According to law « CDE Book VI art 47 to 53 », taking into account the degree of customisation of the products ordered and the fact that  5 € per purchased product are transferred to a charity association,  web-shops.be does not propose any clause of retraction to its customers. The products  customisable on line allow in fact making the selection of desired photos, texts & logos and the customer is the sole responsible for the selection performed on the site of web-shops.be. If nevertheless you benefit from a reimbursement you shall receive the price of the product minus the  5 € that are already transferred to the associations  

10. Guarantees

web-shops.be accepts the resending of the ordered products only in the two following cases:
   1. If the products received do not correspond to the products ordered on the site. The e-mail confirming the registration of the order contains the information related to the products ordered (formats and options selected) and will allow the two parties to identify any error of web-shops.be
   2. If the products delivered exhibit defects related to the product itself or an incident occurred during the manufacture process.  
In these two precise cases, the claims must be addressed to  web-shops.be by e-mail (info@web-shops.be) within 14 days since the receipt of the merchandise and must contain:
– The contact data of the customer ;
– The reference of his/her order;
– The reasons of his/her claim.
Within 48 hours after the claim,  web-shops.be shall inform about the validity or non-validity of the customer’s claim. In the first case,  web-shops.be shall reship the ordered products. In the second case,  web-shops.be can ask the customer to resend his/her order for a deeper study of the claim. The customer will have to reship the ordered product accompanied by a copy of the e-mail sent to  web-shops.be (the sending date of the mail will appear on the paper document).
The re-shipping costs are borne by  web-shops.be and it will reimburse the amount to the customer  directly into his bank account or will settle the matter through a credit note  (a reduciton) applied to the customer’s next order. The reimbursement of shipping cots shall in no case exceed the amount paid by the customer when he / she placed the order.
In the case of failure to observe the procedure presented above and the indicated periods, the purchaser is not entitled to formulate any non-conformity or apparent vice claim about the products delivered, the products being considered in this case to be conform and free from any apparent defect or vice.

11. Payment
The payment for your order can be made via Mollie (Visa, MasterCard, Carte Bleue etc).
The payment of your order by credit card is possible on condition you have previously obtained the authorisation to have your account debited from the competent payment centres, and in its absence your order cannot be taken into consideration.
In this case, the online payment by credit card is made  via the security system of Mollie which allows the encrypting of your bank details in the course of  the transmission to the network.
In case of reimbursement, you are credited into your bank account indicated by you.   

12. Applicable law– Competent jurisdiction
The Site was elaborated in accordance with the laws in vigour in Belgium.  
Any litigation susceptible to arise between you and web-shops.be shall be subjected to the specialised competent jurisdictions  within the Brussels Court.